Internship: Our Law Firm kindly welcomes foreign and local interns to join our team.

18 February 2013
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Our Law Firm kindly welcomes foreign interns, especially from ERASMUS to join our team and to bring a variety of cross - cultural benefits to our workplace! We give the opportunity to students and professionals to get better insight of daily legal work in one of our three offices located in the Baltics, obtain integral experience, opportunity to work as part of a team and to experience the culture of our group. It’s also an opportunity to show what you can do - we’re on the look - out for talents!


Our firm previously had future Lawyers and Attorneys at Law from Canada, Czech Republic, Poland and Latvia working in Riga office (Latvia). Belorussian and Lithuanian law trainees in Vilnius office (Lithuania) and for internship in Tallinn (Estonia) we hosted students from Italy and Finland.


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